Q: No for now sounds good. :)

Better be :)

asked by Anonymous
Q: Yes or No?

Aww no for now :)

asked by Anonymous
Q: I would really like to introduce myself to you, take you out on a date and maybe do something else after that. Don't answer this question. Answer my next question "Yes or No". Haha!

Something else like what?

asked by Anonymous
Q: What if I ask you out?

Introduce yself first :)

asked by Anonymous
Q: Hello darling, wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog! I am following you! I would like to ask You to my fashion website (there is a link in my blog, under the title) ? :) Thank you very much dear! :)

Thank you :) amazing blog you got there! Very vogue-ish :) keep it up!

asked by luxuryforeverlove
Q: Grineet ka ng ex mo nun bday mo?

Si Albert lang :) Si Tim hindi haha

asked by Anonymous